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PRESS RELEASE 4 August 2011

Paris Herbert-Taylor’s world premiere of Concrete Moments hits The Italian Forum Cultural Centre on Friday September 16th.

Studio Maestro is proud to announce the opening of Concrete Moments on September 16th, 2011. The production will play at the Italian Forum’s newly finished theatre at 30A, 23 Norton Street, Leichhardt NSW, opening on Friday September 16th and playing through till Saturday 24th September, 2011.

Imagine a city you don’t want to be in with a man you love who doesn’t want to be anywhere else. Imagine your only connection is a camera. Can photographs tell the rest of the world how we feel when no one listens? Can we split ourselves between who people want us to be and who we are? This is the story of Talia and Dom.

This play is about disconnection from the big city. It calls into question the notion of ‘home’ through the exploration of Talia’s Italian/Australian heritage. How do you answer that elusive question “Where are you from?”

Concrete Moments is a play that not only those with an Italian background will be able to relate to. Audiences will be able to identify with the protagonist, as we have all at some point felt like we wanted to “belong”.  It’s about the connection we feel with Talia and her struggle to be accepted and fulfilled.

In addition to the dual exploration of personal relationships and a sense of belonging or “home”, audiences will love the multimedia aspect of this play as there will be a series of projections accompanied by sound and music during the performance, enhancing Talia’s journey.

The show was written and developed in 2006 when Paris Herbert-Taylor was living in Hong Kong. It attempts to explore some of the issues the writer herself was dealing with. It has not been previously performed or work-shopped and the Sydney Fringe will be its premier performance.

Concrete Moments is under the direction of Sandy Maestro with Musical Composition and Multimedia Design by Marcos Martini. Lighting design by Larry Kelly, Sound design by Sepy Baghaei, Costume design for the show is by Monica Woods and Stage/ Prop design by Timothy Hunt.

Concrete Moments will play at The Italian Forum Cultural Centre on Friday 16th, Saturday 17th & 24th September at 7pm with a Sunday afternoon matinee at 3pm on the 18th September. Ticket prices are $27.00 for Adults and $21.50 for Concession. They can be purchased by calling 02 9020 6980 or booking online at

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